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Well I'm back and working on getting better. Not ready to take up jogging, but ready for you to place your order. 


NAM VET'S..COLLECTOR'S.. EXCLUSIVE: 106 HOUR'S PLUS.. 111 CD-R's,                              1965 & 1968 thru 1973
...Most all are AFVN-Saigon Radio CD-r's, & 2-AFVN-Pleiku CD-r's, & a Da
Nang CD-r, to include the AFVN-"Blooper's" CD-r, (CD-r#5-"Blooper's",
"parental guidance suggested", it does contain some language that may be
considered offensive).

LOOK-- 106 hour's of AFVN-Saigon, Pleiku & Da Nang, Nha-Trang,
Radio show's & this is the "BEST" deal anywhere on the planet, for this
much of the"Big VN".

I am the only one to have this much of AFVN Radio show's. Now, you
can...You have perhaps got tape's. but CD-r's are safer,..& the quality
is much better...Why get a 60 or 90 minute tape when you can get 100
hour's. The American Force's Vietnam Network from 1965, 68, 69, and 70, 71,72, & 73. Listen
to the voice's of and from Nam, the 50K powerhouse in downtown Saigon during
the war...& the 100,000 watt AFVN FM program from Saigon.. Listen to news's,
music segment's, sport's segment's, jingle's "Special segment's", and
much more..& AFVN Pleiku, channel 56, with a short Da Nang
segment. Pop-rock & C&W show's. & over 3 and a half hour's of the
Saigon 6th annual constant countdown, a great pop and rock countdown
from AFVN-Saigon, included: CD-r #60, 61, 62 & 63 & more. CD r # 66 thru #
72. ..A "Date with Chris", Hi Love...Chris Noel..
Approximately 1969
era. More dedication's and super music...These 11 program's are
outstanding, & quality on these 11 Cd-r's are great
More added- #73,74, 75 Top 300 countdown July 4, 1970
also added #76, 77 & 78, and # 79 thru # 101..
and #102-106

Just added 107-111  Army First Sergeant Juan R. Flores, "Espanolandia" (Latino)
radio show, 1970 time frame. Is a full show, DJ Flores intro's song's in
Spanish......with AFVN announcements & Jingles in English. This show
from Saigon was for the Latino-American troops serving within the US

(see listing, click link on this page to view the AFVN master Listing of 111 Cd's)

These are "GREAT". The full package,106 hour's on compact disk.

Well over a sixteen (18) various AFVN DJ's on these wartime tape broadcast' on CD-r's. 111 quality
CD-r's. The 111 Cd set price is $289.95.
shipped to you for $15.00 Priority mail... in the USA. (outside USA,
E-mail me for Airmail/Global Priority mail cost, (APO & FPO Military,
same shipping rate as USA). 

Payment by Certified Cashier's check, U.S. money order,
International money order, or Credit card's thru PAYPAL (From your
Paypal money on hand or your Credit card thru Paypal)..
I am a "Premier" Paypal user, with many transaction's... USA buyer's can
use the "Instant Purchase"

Pay now with Paypal

USA Buyer-Click here to pay instantly with Papal!

Supply's are limited...but... your order's will be filled
as fast as possible, in the event of many buy's for this set....allow up
to 2 week's for delivery. But, I normally can get your order done and shipped
within 36 to 48 hour's...Insurance, if desired, is extra, e-mail me for
any question's. No personal check's please!
I also take money order's and certified bank cashier's check's. Canada
buyer's, e-mail me first.
as special arrangement's for Canada buyer's.
You heard the "Big VN" 30 + year's ago during the war, hear it again on
CD. The hit's just keep on coming. Nam vet's you will love these
program's. Recorded from tape's in analog stereo from actual
broadcast's. Quality is good to above average on most all of these. 

APO-FPO Military & DOD personnel outside USA, same shipping rate as for the USA. 

That's 106 hour's, and 111 Cd's... If not buying the entire set at
can also buy partial mini-set's at 25 Cd's at a time..$72.00 Plus Priority total. Each
disk in a Cd paper sleeve, and each one is numbered. 100%
satisfaction assured. I have "ALL" A-1 review's on all sold to date.
From coast to coast in the USA, "Every state now"...and to Japan,
Europe, and many other country's...16 so far...Nam vet's, and
collector's. This is it...#1...If you are outside USA, E-mail me. and if
you use Paypal, do it manually. to insure correct shipping charge's are added for the order. I can also
send you a "Paypal Invoice" by and secure...encrypted
papal site...USA, you can use this Paypal Logo button
USA Buyer's Click on the "Instant Purchase" Paypal Logo to pay for the
CD's Instantly Pay now with Paypal
USA Buyer-Click here to pay instantly with PayPal!
If you have problems with the Paypal link above, & you can't establish
communications with Paypal. Let me know, Some browser's have problem's with secure
communications with Paypal..
If so, I can e-mail you a "Paypal invoice request for payment"....e-mail

If you wish to pay by mail, send total payment to: Charles F.Kenney,
P.O. Box 236, Boonville, N.C. 27011 (USA).
NOTE....on All order's....
"Please" e-mail me for confirmation of your order with your payment
option Paypal, cashier's check, or money order...and...your name and
address...Set price is below...and total for shipping for USA buyer's
and overseas buyer's...If you wish only a specific number of
program's. & not buying the entire set, or min-set's of 25...the cost is
higher priced...Cd's a $6.00 each, plus ship to be determined...this is for
AFVN-Radio program's Cd's...

and audio radio commo Cd's...offered on my

If you want one (1) or six (6) or more...and not the whole set..."Can
do"...Just let me know the #'s you wish...NOTE: The 4 mini-set partial
AFVN set of 25 Cd's price info is listed on the AFVN listing the "AFVN Cd Listing" Link to view this. The entire 111 Cd
set price is $ $15.00 Priority ship n the USA. Grand total
is $304.95...(see 25 CD info on list page)

E-Mail me, and I will give you your total with shipping...Thanks, Charles (Chuck) Kenney, SFC E-7,
U.S. Army (Ret), Vietnam veteran & AFN Military Radio Broadcaster.


**click on other pages below**

Detailed Listing of AFVN CD's  

Detailed Listing of Ceremonial CD  

 Also available Actual Combat Audio



Information on the AFN -1st 25 years of audio history

NOTE=OTHER WARTIME CD's : E-mail me for more information on other CD-R
radio program's. "Hanoi Hannah" ($9.50 & $4.55 shipping) from Radio
Hanoi broadcasting to the troop's from the capital of North Vietnam,
Recorded from short-wave radio, quality is not as good as the AFVN
CD-r's...But, you get 2 Cd's of Hanoi Hannah for $9.50 plus shipping...
and Radio Lai Khe and the "Big Red One" radio show's, Tuy Hoa radio
show's,(a 6 CD set, & a bonus CD priced at $20.00), and $5.50 Priority shipping
in USA. The wartime radio air traffic & cockpit audio from the Nam,
these are from bunkers and aircraft cockpits plus incoming and outgoing weapons fire..made from tapes, now on CD-r's..28CD-r set available of Vietnam air audio traffic & cockpit programs
($79.95, plus $8.60 Priority Shipping) Total price in USA is:  $88.55.
E-Mail me for more info."E-mail" me and I will send you by e-mail the
"Master" List" of this radio commo traffic of the Nam. Or you may look at the link on this page.(above)

And the Bob Hope wartime USO show from 1968 at Long Binh, South Vietnam,
with Ann Margaret and Rosie Greer, Plus a 2nd show CD-r, Lai Khe USO show with
Bob, 1967...($15.00), & $4.55 shipping in U.S.A. Total is $19.55 in USA. USO show's recorded on tape, now on CD-R. All these on CD-r's and very enjoyable. And check out the link for the "Ceremony" CD-r ($9.99, & $4.55 shipping).

Part of the proceeds are donated to help Vietnam Vet's and their families. I also assist Veteran groups and non-profit organizations for veterans. I make no
profit on this program. BUYER'S: A Free "Bonus" surprise CD-r program
will be given to all "Paypal" transaction's. Or, if buying the entire
AFVN-Radio set...two (2) "Free" bonus program CD-r's will be given. So,
pay me with Paypal and get 111 CD-R's total. Plus bonus CD's, when you buy the AFVN set. (or buy any 25 CD subset)
International buyer's Only: $26.00 Airmail shipping and packing fee. I ship
"Global Priority" mail, the "fastest" Airmail service from the USA when possible. On
all order's, a CD paper sleeve for each CD will be used for buyer's in the USA. This cut's down on shipping cost, for if they were sent in plastic case's...your cost
for shipping would be $45.00 to $65.00....for the 111 CD-r's set....and would
exceed the weight limit for this faster Airmail service. I can use less
expensive Airmail service upon your request. Canada orders
are less than other international shipping, and will be adjusted, e-mail
me "first" before sending payment via Paypal. I will include a "Free"
bonus CD-r program with any and all order's...even if you order only one
(1) program CD-r. (Part of my proceeds go to help vet's and to help inform our younger generation about the Vietnam war).

If you have any AFVN programs not listed-Please contact me ! Especially
prior to 1967.

NOTE: Custom Order's also available. If you only want
specific program's. like 3 or 5 or 8 program's by certain #'s....can
do. Say for example you want AFVN-Saigon #1, #2, #3, and #7...then your
cost would be $24.00, plus shipping of $4.55...(4 CD-r's x $6.00 each),
if this is also your choice of the AFVN-Radio program's.

The cost for each AFVN CD-r is $6.00 each. plus Priority mail of
$4.55. and confirmed delivery for up to 8 CD-r program's. from 8 to 20 CD-r's. shipping is $8.60 for Priority mail, confirmed delivery. More than 21 CD-r's, shipping is a flat charge of $15.00 for USA buyer's. For overseas order's & For specific cost's for this custom order. E-mail me for a shipping cost.

 Individual CD-r's & AFVN Radio Set prices are subject to change at anytime.(as well as shipping) I also have Army 8mm movie film from Vietnam, now transferred on video and its on DVD, E-mail me for more specific infromation on this.

Thank You, Chuck Kenney,P.O. Box 236, Boonville, N.C. 27011 USA.

My E-Mail is:  Disclaimer: These item's offered fall
under U.S. Law, the "Burne" act, wartime program, it's content and
operation's herein paid for by U.S. tax payer's during wartime, and is
of "Public Domain", therefore, copyright policy standard is non-applicable

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